7685 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 3
7685 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 3

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The SUBMISSION ROUND Dates are 16th - 23rd January 2022.

15th February 2022 is the tentative closing date of the hackathon.

Sunday 9th January 2022, Test start window 19:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs
Test duration 3 hours, no interruptions permitted

Those who took the test on 28th November 2021 and 19th December 2021 are also eligible to take the test. Best score from all attempted tests will be taken for qualifying to next stage.

Qualifying teams will move into the next round, the submission round.

SUBMISSION ROUND has two independent tracks

In the Programming Track, the participating teams will have the opportunity to identify, assess, build and test a robust cyber defense solutions to a given practical problem.

In the Startup Track the teams will submit their startup proposals in any domain of their choice, such as AgriTech, MedTech, IT, AI, Cybersecurity, eCommerce, FinTech etc. Startups should demonstrate how they implement cybersecurity solutions as integral part of their business activity.

The winning teams will get an opportunity of Incubating at SIIC IIT Kanpur, subject to meeting the eligibility requirments.

All participants get to attend Webinars covering various aspects of cybersecurity by Industry experts.

Participate in weekly quizzes and win prizes every week, plus bumper prize in the end.

Who should participate Students, Graduates or Employed Startups and Aspiring Startups

Participate and win fabulous prizes worth Rs 30 Lakhs.

Visit https://hackathon.iitk.ac.in/ for details.


C3iHub has been set up at IIT Kanpur under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems (NM-ICPS) by DST.

As part of the mission objectives, C3iHub is building national expertise in developing Cyber security solutions in different sectors of critical infrastructure.

The C3iHub in collaboration with the industry has launched this second Global Hackathon for students, employed technologists and startups. Participants to take the cyber security challenge by participating in the hackathon.

The participating teams will have the opportunity to identify, assess, build and test a robust cyber defense solutions to a given practical problem. In the process they will get an opportunity to get mentored by eminent faculty of IIT KANPUR C3i Hub.

Startups and potential startups can make a pitch of their technology startups and how their solution is made robust against cyber attacks.

The winning teams get fabulous prizes worth Rs 30 lakhs.

All participants get to attend Webinars by Industry experts.

All participants can take weekly quizzes on cybersecurity and win exciting prizes.

There is also a possibility of Incubating your winning solutions into a Startup supported by Industry or IIT KANPUR C3iHub.


IIT KANPUR C3i Hub addresses the issue of cyber security of a CPS in its entirety, covering all nine layers of the CPS. The C3iHub Incubates Inter-Disciplinary Innovations by providing opportunities to investigate, test and assess cyber threats in different layers and then find solutions to make the system safe from Cyber threats. All this under the guidance of eminent faculty of IIT Kanpur actively engaged at the C3iHub.


Every team must clear the qualifying test to proceed to the next round. The test must be taken by one member of the team for entire team to qualify.

A team can make up to 3 attempts, the best of all the attempts is taken for qualification. The dates for the Qualifying tests are currently scheduled as follows:

Sunday, 28th November 2021
Sunday, 19th December 2021
Sunday, 9th January 2022

Qualifying Round is an Online test of approximately 3 hours in duration. The test has two sections -
• Multiple Choice Questions on cybersecurity
• Python Programming Problems in - Basic Programming and Basic Machine Learning Programming


The Submission Round has two mutually exclusive tracks. These are called the Programming Track and the Startup Track.


The teams will solve two practical cybersecurity challenges. The challenge round problems will require you to build tools to detect cyber-attack patterns from large amount of data on systems that have been compromised or that have been subject to cyber-attacks. The nature of the past data will vary from problem to problem. The team will download the data from designated location and will work offline for finding the solutions.


Teams registered for Startup Track should follow this path. Every team will be required to submit the proposal for their startup in a pre -designated format. The pre-jury will evaluate your proposals and short list for further processing.


Short listed teams of both the tracks will make a short presentation to the Jury of respective tracks. The jury assessment will decide the awards.


Main Prizes
Six Prizes worth 30 Lakhs (6)
INR 3000000

visit https://hackathon.iitk.ac.in/ for details.

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